Wild Writing

Writing on the phone is not the easiest thing in the world to do. I want to keep writing, though. 800 words. I think not.

Today was a 7.8 mile hike through the desert, which I marched with two friends. My legs are falling off now. It’s been awhile since I’ve hiked that far.

See, the problem with writing on the phone….autofuckincorrect.

Here we go:

This will likely bee nowhere near what I’m marrying to wary. Autocorrect changes things with small consideration. When it b gets a, sentence right I’m shocked. I’m. Glad to have an alternative to writing with own and perky since mutt hands have been acting up, but weekday nth phoned sauteed, wads! Maybe I need stone kings of pad. Ipad. Maybe I can sneak one into the ghost. I asked fort a laptop but I’m not sure rusty would harken.

Posed strings. To have three money, three power. I can’t imagine. Weekday a different mindset inner midi have, knowing three recordings regarding money can need made by yoh. Unilaterally. Pet! I don’t knitted they I really wasn’t eat, though. Swimmers I think I do🦁. Rhythm I reconsider.

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