Ephemeral Wildness

Life is wild. Wildlife, running uninhibited through the woods. Life kicks up its heels and skids to a stop on all fours, pivoting quickly on one well-planted hind limb, so many degrees of pirouette. Life gestates, comes forth, regresses to the soil, springing green and irresistible to grazing beasts.

Youth snorts and pronks like a springbok, perhaps hoping to catch a better view of life to come from a slightly higher altitude. Strength begets confidence, rushing blood urges joyful motion ever quicker and more curious.

Some crashes are worth a shake of the head and a minute of reflection, then we’re off once again, tally-ho! Obstacles are cleared, the path opens up, our feet are sure and fleet. All motion, wind, blood, hair, appendages, crushed mallow and grass, odors sweet and pleasing.

Sometimes the path deceives and all feet go out from under us. The dependable becomes black and darkness, unseeable, the moment becomes all, but blind, not freeing. Pain traps us inside ourselves, fear contracts upon itself, quiet places invite us.

We heal, but new steps become slightly more hesitant, a little more measured. Experience guides us and keeps us safe, curiosity keeps us moving forward, fear seeks to confine us.

When the path is known, the traveler knows best how to proceed.

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