Birthday Boys

April 9, 1976

April 16, 2010
Both Fridays.
Double the celebration.
Last century,
This century,
That’s how we call it.
Bonus was unintentional
and a li’l bit of accidental surprise.
His grandad was his dad.
Oops, Velvet, young thing.
Four years old and a mama.
Sweet Al was intentionally
line breed.
His grand dams shared the same sire.
His breeding was much more carefully considered.
Maybe it’s only coincidence.
Maybe it’s what I make of it.
It’s not always easy,
but I like to think I’m doing better this time around.
How grateful I am to have another April day
and timely echoes to guide me.
Happy yesterdays, my Bonus.
Happy 10th birthday, Sweet Alsek!

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