I’ve not been riding.


I’ve not been writing.
Yesterday I blew a few barely graceful notes
on my flute.
There were lights to hang and my son could use a hand.
So I lent him mine.
This melancholy isn’t mine.
It’s ours.
We all see it.
I let it walk with me.
It keeps me out of the saddle because of a choice I made.
Our hospital beds are nearly full.
Two short months have passed at our new barn.
Though I’ve taken a ride here and there
the chance of a strong spook
from a horse
or a loss of balance
on my part
is greater now.
We are all out of practice.

Truth be told
I like the peace.

*”Woodshedding” is a term commonly used by musicians to mean rehearsing a difficult passage repeatedly until it can be performed flawlessly. The term is used metaphorically where “the woodshed” means any private place to practice without being heard by anyone else. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodshedding#:~:text=%22Woodshedding%22%20is%20a%20term%20commonly,being%20heard%20by%20anyone%20else.

4 thoughts on “I’ve not been riding.

  1. Linda, as always I love your honesty. The biggest but most challenging gift I try to give myself every day is peace, usually from relentless self-judgment that always, always says I should be doing something else, something more. I still remember the day my mind said, “What if everything you chose to do or not do was just fine?” and I literally felt a weight float upwards off my shoulders. Now I must do that more!! 😉


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